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ethical design on all levels

We work mainly for not-for-profits. We care about your issues and our passion shows.

We are proud union members of Unifor (CFA)

Our work shows respect for different abilities. We make our web design accessible - AA to AAA rating - and work to keep publications readable for all. Joss Maclennan has a significant auditory loss - she gets disability issues!

Knowing that our clients depend on dues or donations, we work to keep everything we do cost-effective.

Whenever possible we use green suppliers: recycled papers, vegetable-based inks and sustainable energy.

We have good connections with unionized suppliers that  provide great work at a fair price.

We give back: 10% of profits go to Amnesty International, CNIB, YWCA December 6th Fund, women’s shelters and other worthwhile organizations.

a small, progressive company

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