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we understand your issues, your values


"Thank you for all your hard work and patience...we're getting a great response to the Agenda."

"The bus shelter ads look so great...we're thrilled"

"I think of you as not just designers but communication experts."

"The report booklet is a HUGE hit. Really did the job. You are amazing."


It's enough to make us blush!


We're happy to supply references from our happy clients. Just email us at

Our clients are not-for-profits, NGOs, labour unions, artists and creative people.


Some of the great organizations we have worked with: Amnesty International, ETFO, Humanitarian Coalition, OFL, Women in View and Unifor.

Creative clients include Steve Horan, Robin Pacific, Jason Skrobar, Rahna Moreau and Hegina Rodrigues.

who we work for

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